June 24, 2017

Study Groups 2014-2015

Complete PDF for Study Group Guide
Calendar 2014-2015

This year there are many new Study Groups to choose from! Contemporary Issues, A Tourist in Your Own Town, Museum and Lunch, TV Westerns, Evening Book Club and Movie Club, Take Me Out to The Ball Game, and of course, Unconventional Eats (Chocolate and Dinner at the Winery). There are the groups that return each year by popular demand (Novels, Plays, Reel Discussion, Short Stories).

Some changes. . .like no sign up at Showcase and limited participation means that you will need to plan ahead. Your Study Group Committee wants you to sign up for all the groups you want to attend so start calling or emailing the Registrar as soon as possible. As indicated in the Bulletin, for your convenience you can write a single check for any groups** you want to attend.

You will receive the “Study Groups at a Glance” around the 20th of the previous month to remind you what is being offered for the coming month.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Study Group Committee with questions or concerns.

Study Group Registration Form – click here

Study Group Committee

Jill Simons 941-538-9921 simons3615@aol.com
Elaine Nutlay 941-907-8451 ern918@gmail.com
Evie Batten 941-479-4795 evie.batten@gmail.com
Janet Gross 941-412-1532 janetagross@gmail.com
Barbara Brown 941-373-3898 Richards442@gmail.com
Marvin Kofender 941-893-5067 kofender.md@sbcglobal.net
Mike Beltzman 248-909-3577 mikebeltzman@comcast.net



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