July 12, 2020

University on Wheels – A Big Success!

Patron Party

Donors to the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committees’s UNIVERSITY ON WHEELS were hosted at a Pre Party at the lovely home of Helen and Jerry Spindler. Our speaker, Dr. Don Katz, not only delighted the 36 attendees with his charm and humor, he also regaled the group with his saxophone playing. Co-chairs Fran Spring and Shari Paler declared the evening a success. Proceeds from this event were donated to Sustaining the Mind.

University on Wheels

Engaging, charming, learned, humorous, brilliant…these were all adjectives used to describe Dr. Don Katz, the speaker at the Sarasota Chapter of BNC’s University on Wheels held at Prestancia Country Club on January 20, 2013. The 76 attendees listened attentively as Dr. Katz taught us “Why We Like the Foods We Like;” we learned that genetics, experience, environment, and the presentation by food companies all play a role. Indeed, two candies that we think are different might be identical,  but we think they have different flavors due to their color and smell…and our expectations as to what they should taste like. All in attendance agreed that the topic and the presentation were outstanding. Proceeds from this event were donated to Sustaining the Mind.

January 2014 Study Groups

Check out January 2014 study groups. Highlights are Hidden Gems, People and Places, and Day Tripping.

January Study Groups

Hooked on the Brandeis National Committee

By Evie Batten

Evie Batten BNC SarasotaWhen I moved to Florida in August of 2010, my cousin, Diane, encouraged me to join the Brandeis National Committee. I went to a new member reception in October, immediately paid the dues and bought a study group card! From then on, I was hooked on Brandeis. Through the BNC, my world has expanded through reading books, attending lectures and participating in the local arts community. Everyone here is amazing, and each person has so much to offer in sharing their ideas and thoughts.

In February, I was asked to sell study group cards. I thought, “Oh, this will be easy,” not knowing that I was also responsible for the calendar, scheduling rooms and keeping the registrars informed of their responsibilities (and more!). But I love it. I’ve learned so much and have met so many diverse people. Now I’m excited to be one of the “web mamas” updating this website! I’m looking forward to learning yet another new skill!

Looking for Local Camaraderie

By Diane Rosenblum

Diane Rosenblum Sarasota BNCI moved to Lakewood Ranch six years ago knowing no one in the area except for family in Port Charlotte. I joined the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee in order to meet people and make friends. Within a couple of years I took on the role of co-vice president for membership. I have enjoyed the camaraderie of my Brandeis friends and the many wonderful programs and events over the last six years.

Currently I am vice president of book fund and responsible for chapter fundraising to support the Brandeis University libraries and the scholarship program for library graduate students. These funds are raised by selling tribute cards, learned research journals and note cards designed by Brandeis art students. I have experience in the field of information technology and enjoy working on the computer. I’m looking forward to working on this website as one of the chapter’s new “web mamas”!

Moving from Chicago, BNC Helps Make Florida “Home”

By Jill Simons

Jill Simons, BNC SarasotaAlthough I have been a “snowbird” who spends most of the winter in Sarasota for the last 10 years, it wasn’t until this season that I became a full-time Florida resident. Like many other boomers, I was thinking that retirement would look like a lot of empty spaces on my calendar! So I made the decision to become more involved with the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee. To be truthful, I didn’t initially join to raise funds for Brandeis University; what I really enjoyed was networking with other members as we participated in the many wonderful activities and events the chapter had planned.

Now I appreciate having the opportunity to make new friends at a time in my life when I left many long-time friends in Chicago. In my position as a study group vice president, I am continually amazed at the many talents of our members, as well as their willingness to share their time. Working on this website (we dubbed our web team the “web mamas”!) is a way for me to challenge myself this year and learn new skills. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2012-13!

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