July 12, 2020

University on Wheels – A Big Success!

Patron Party

Donors to the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committees’s UNIVERSITY ON WHEELS were hosted at a Pre Party at the lovely home of Helen and Jerry Spindler. Our speaker, Dr. Don Katz, not only delighted the 36 attendees with his charm and humor, he also regaled the group with his saxophone playing. Co-chairs Fran Spring and Shari Paler declared the evening a success. Proceeds from this event were donated to Sustaining the Mind.

University on Wheels

Engaging, charming, learned, humorous, brilliant…these were all adjectives used to describe Dr. Don Katz, the speaker at the Sarasota Chapter of BNC’s University on Wheels held at Prestancia Country Club on January 20, 2013. The 76 attendees listened attentively as Dr. Katz taught us “Why We Like the Foods We Like;” we learned that genetics, experience, environment, and the presentation by food companies all play a role. Indeed, two candies that we think are different might be identical,  but we think they have different flavors due to their color and smell…and our expectations as to what they should taste like. All in attendance agreed that the topic and the presentation were outstanding. Proceeds from this event were donated to Sustaining the Mind.

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