September 24, 2023

Community Service

In 2015 Brandeis University was ranked #1 nationally by the Princeton Review for student involvement in community service. Social justice in the form of community service is a core value of Brandeis University, one BNC South Miami Dade proudly emulates. We participate in several service projects every year as a way to show our appreciation for our communities. Each project has a BNC member contact point. Please reach out to them if you have any questions or would like to participate.


United Way’s Volunteer Reading Program

Early literacy is linked to greater success in other academic subjects as well as higher graduation rates. As a volunteer you would meet at least once a week throughout the year to help a child improve their literacy. This rewarding experience allows you to help and watch a child discover the joy of reading.

Learn more about the program here.

For more information about our chapter’s involvement or to participate, contact Judy Palgon at 595-8363 or at


Lotus House

Lotus House is a shelter for women, youth, and children located in Miami. It provides a multi-faceted approach to helping the people it serves establish themselves while provide a safe location to take the time to heal.

Learn more about the House here.

For more information about how to get involved, contact Shirley Glickman at 256-2581 or at


Listeners Program

The Listeners Program is run by the Miami-Dade public schools. As a volunteer you will provide students with a safe environment to talk about whatever they need to get off their chest. The role of a listener is to be non-judgmental and not give advice, just simply to be an adult that will listen and take what the student has to say seriously.

Learn more about the Listeners Program here.

For more information on BNC invovlement, contact Judy Palgon at 595-8363 or at


Cell Phone Recycling

This program is run completely within the BNC South Miami Dade chapter. Barbara Raduns collects your donated old cell phones which the North Kendall Police can then reprogram specifically to contact “911”. These phones can protect battered women by providing them with a direct, potentially secret line to emergency services.

For more information or to donate a phone contact Barbara Raduns at 598-9538 or at

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