May 29, 2017

About BNC Westlake

We welcome you to BNC’s Westlake NJ chapter! Our members enjoy a wide variety of events, learning opportunities, community service outreach (Social Justice) and share a combined value of supporting Brandeis University. We look forward to meeting you soon! A listing of our Executive Committee is below. Feel free to reach out with questions or to find out more ways on how you can get involved.


PRESIDENT Zelda Krodman 833-7909
EXECUTIVE VP Nadine Krystall 833-8253
VP’S ¬†MEMBERSHIP Rochelle Blum 833-2629 Karen Schuman 833-0590
VP STUDY GROUPS Ann Newman 928-2782 Judy Carton 833-7488
VP FUND RAISING Carolle Weiner 833-0107 Michele Feldman 833-2376
TREASURER Gayle Rubin 928-9633
Linda Levin 928-0829
REGISTRAR Susan Leaman 973-760-9061
RECORDING SECRETARY Violet Vietoris 927-3355
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Lynne Schneiderman 534-0084
COMMUNITY OUTREACH Charna PhillipsViolet Vietoris 833-7970927-3355
SOCIAL JUSTICE Elene Kurtzman 928-9377
CIO Arlene Feder 833-4350
PARLIAMENTARIAN Barbara Silverman 401-0620
PAST PRESIDENT Phyllis Van Wagenen 833-9564



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