July 23, 2017

About BNC Wycliffe

Welcome to the Brandeis National Committee Wycliffe chapter! BNC Wycliffe is an active group of men and women from the Wycliffe area who are passionate about learning, academic excellence, and their communities. We provide our members opportunities to fulfill all these interests and more through our study groups, special events, and community service projects. BNC Wycliffe also plays an important part in supporting Brandeis University. Throughout the year various events and giving opportunities will go towards benefiting Brandeis’ libraries, scholarships, and scientific research. While some of our members are Brandeis alumni or family members of alumni there is no required Brandeis association to become a member of BNC Wycliffe. Many of our members have no affiliation with the school, but join BNC Wycliffe because of the values is espouses.

Holding with Brandeis’ belief in life-long learning, BNC Wycliffe offers our members access to many study groups and events throughout the year. These are designed to entertain, educate, provoke discussion, encourage friendships, and be fun. Study groups and events span a wide range of topics in order to ensure there is something for everyone. In past years these have included music, literature, art appreciation, current affairs, and trips to local attractions. If you have an idea for a group, let us know!

The chapter periodically publishes a bulletin detailing upcoming events and chapter news. Join us today to make sure you don’t miss out on a single exciting event. We look forward to getting to know you!

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