October 20, 2018

Message from the President

Our season will kick off with our Opening Breakfast November 2, described elsewhere in this newsletter. Other special events to look forward to include favorites such as Randy Del Lago’s program on the play Gypsy on Wednesday,  December 19, an evening of music from students from Lynn University to be scheduled in January, and the Book and Author Luncheon on March 1.  And of course we have our full offering of wonderful study groups.

And while our programs and study groups will enlighten and entertain us throughout the season, they will  raise money for a new initiative for the Brandeis National Committee. They will support the Magnify the Mind:

Advancing Neuroscience Research Campaign.   With help from all of us, BNC will raise $500,000 this coming year to purchase a resonant scanning two

photon microscope.  This microscope will enable Brandeis researchers to take 30 to 50 images a second as they observe brain activity in real time, helping scientists in their efforts  to make new discoveries toward the understanding and treatment of brain disorders.

Brandeis has long had an outstanding neuroscience program.  Nobel Prize winner Michael Rosbash, MacArthur “genius” grant recipient Gina Turrigiano,  and world-renowned neuroscientist Eve Marder are all pioneers in the field. Their breakthroughs have helped transform our understanding of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and autism.

Each of us know many people who have been affected by these brain disorders, which makes this a very meaningful campaign for us to support.

Joan Tepper, President






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