Our deadline for submissions passed at the end of September, at which point, we had a record number of pieces, both literary and artistic, from a host of BOLLI’s creative members.   Over 200 items from 78 members!

We are both thrilled…and dismayed.  Thrilled because of the array of material…but because we can only take, at most, 60 items, we are dismayed because it means that we are not going to be able to include something from everyone in this year’s volume.   Instead, we have been hard at work selecting pieces that we believe offer something for everyone!

So, at this point, we have made our initial literary selections but have not yet notified those writers as we need to set up a draft of the volume in order to determine exactly how many pages we can devote to their work.  While that drafting is in progress, the group is now working to narrow down the art and photography submissions.

If you submitted literary material to us and have not yet heard from us, that means your work is in that group of selected items.  If you submitted art and/or photography, we are making those selections at this time.

We so appreciate your patience as we dig through this veritable treasure trove–and you should hear from us before the end of this calendar year!


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