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A showcase for members’ visual (photography, drawing, cartoons, sculpture, painting, crafts, etc.) or performing art work.


BOLLI Member and Artist, Suzanne Hodes


For fifty years, artist Suzanne Hodes, who joined BOLLI this past fall, has enjoyed her quiet home near the Charles River here in Waltham. Pictured here in her studio with two of her paintings, she says, in fact that the river has often inspired her work.

Suzanne has found inspiration in many places and has, in turn, inspired others.  In the 1980s, she co-founded Artists West Studios in Waltham and Artists for Survival, a group that worked for 15 years to plan exhibitions and educate the public about the need for a nuclear weapons freeze. She has exhibited widely in New York and New England, and her work is in many area museums.

She says that, at this point in her life, while she has many interests, she—like so many of us–joined BOLLI in order to make new friends.  “One of my friends was teaching a course on Longfellow and was very enthusiastic, and I knew Tamara Chernow from the Waltham Library, so I went to some of The New Yorker discussions and also went to see a play with the group.”  This fall, she took Fara Faramarzpour’s course, “Our Home/Our Planet,” which she very much liked.  “I was a science major before art,” she says. “There was lots of interaction in the class, and Fara made time to have everyone involved.”  She is looking forward to her next BOLLI ventures.

We are all so pleased to welcome you to BOLLI, Suzanne!

For a more thorough introduction to Suzanne and her work, visit her truly wonderful web site by clicking on the link below: