“By the way, I’m really enjoying BOLLI Matters,”  a BOLLI member commented yesterday, mentioning a recent featured article.  Of course, it was terrific to hear it, but it also seemed like a perfect opportunity to ask the question that has been on the minds of all of us here at BOLLI Matters:   Why not leave a comment for the writer?

That member looked slightly puzzled and replied, “I didn’t have anything to add.  I just liked it.”  Oh, please!  Don’t let that stop you from leaving comments on the items you read here!  We’ve been “live” on the internet now for over a year–and we’ve received only a handful of responses (that means under ten…) to the host of items we have featured here.

We bloggers very much want to hear from you!   Of course, we love hearing what you have to say in response to our items.  We are always happy to have your suggestions either about the pieces you’re reading or about what you’d like to see in future pieces.  But it is also important for our writers to feel acknowledged.   (After all, says Linda in Death of a Salesman, “attention must be paid.”)   It can be a little discouraging to keep creating material and putting it out there for all to see–only to have no response.  Please keep our writers going by letting them know that you are appreciating their efforts!

It’s an easy thing to do.  Below any item, you’ll see a box–just leave your comment, however brief, in that space!   And, by the way,  Lydia says she’ll provide a coveted prize in the form of a beautiful new Ticonderoga #2 Pencil to each of our first ten responders–now, how can you pass up an offer like THAT?!

BOLL Matters editor Sue Wurster

Writing on behalf of our wonderful volunteer writers:  Lydia Bogar, Liz David, Eleanor Jaffe, Abby Pinard, and John Rudy. (And Marilyn Brooks who graciously lets me “mine” the archives on her mystery blog.)


8 thoughts on “HELLO? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?”

  1. Well said, Sue! As one who regularly reads BOLLI Matters and who has never left a comment, I will do better at being responsive going forward. The work of the volunteer writers is something that I greatly appreciate! 😁

  2. In fact, I will up the ante and give an entire box of new #2 pencils to the first ten BOLLI members who leave a comment – good, bad or otherwise – we need you, and hope that you need us.

  3. I read most of the articles and enjoy them all. In addition to the features already a part of BOLLI Matters, I’d enjoy seeing a periodic column written by Avi about what’s new or what’s in the works at BOLLI or periodic features highlighting special interest groups such as the Lunch & Learn committee, the Membership Committee, etc. Lydia – you can keep that box of pencils: like a rat in an experiment, I am food motivated.

  4. I recently signed up for the BOLLI Blog, so I’m still new to it. But what’s really new to me is a blog, period! It’s not something that I’ve ever done for several reasons. First, the few times I’ve read comments people have left on postings (not blogs), I was repelled by the mean and insulting language. Second, I don’t sit in front of my computer that much. Third, I doubt anyone is really interested in what I have to say! But please don’t take silence as indicating no one is reading what you write. I did read something Eleanor Jaffe left a while back and liked it a lot. Obviously, I might have commented but, for the reasons listed above, I didn’t. I’d rather tell her directly how much I appreciated her contribution, and prefer that mode of commenting to going online.

  5. As one of the bloggers, let me echo Sue’s request. Hearing your reactions to some of my opinions or experiences would add so much. It will be enriching for me and others. I hope to hear from some of you.
    Sue — Do I get a pencil???

  6. Great Idea! What won’the we do for a new pencil!
    more seriously, writing takes thought and work. It’s so much easier to be lazy and just enjoy what others do. My bad…

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