LEAVE IT TO LYDIA: On the First Day of School


By Lydia Bogar

Waking to the alarm at 7:00 for my first Monday class, I remember that my grandsons are already finishing breakfast and getting ready to catch the bus.  Daddy serves as backup chauffeur.

My bus is a 6 year old Subaru, a vehicle worthy of the Mass Turnpike. Today, I move especially quickly.  As last Monday was Labor Day, this is the first “real” Monday of the school year.  To mark this auspicious time of year, there will be a full moon on Friday.  After 15 plus years of commuting “into Town,” I know the many moods of the Massachusetts Turnpike.  The best drive time ever was 27 minutes from Exit 11  Grafton/Millbury to Exit 15 at Route 128.  Not even remotely possible today.

On this first day of school, I see that the nice people around me in the Gathering Place have new notebooks and pens.  As do I.  As do my grandsons.  A large new LCD monitor graces one wall, heralding upcoming events.  Old friends reconnect.  New members with blue circles on their name tags are greeted and drawn into conversation about their classes, the humidity, the drought, trips to California and Provence.

The snacks on the counter are moderately healthy, salty things and sweet things, not unlike what my grandsons have taken to school themselves.  (Both of the boys attend “nut free schools” where a lot of BOLLI snacks would end up in a kitchen drawer reserved for errant peanut butter crackers and granola bars.)

The boys and I have so much in common today.

They have new sneakers for school–red Nikes size 10.5 for the 12 year old and green Converse size 2 for our second grader.  Nobody seems to have noticed my new Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors, the first pair of high tops I’ve worn in 68 years.  Maybe they are embarrassed for me.


A safe and healthy school year to all!

Meet Lydia Bogar

Lydia Bogar, who joined us last spring, is eagerly diving into this new term and all that BOLLI has to offer.


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