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by Liz David

The soil of the feminine soul runs rich and deep,

Watered by undercurrents invisible to those dwelling only on the surface,

Women who face the challenge of the softening of their soul soil,

Who allow themselves to become vulnerable,

Who invite the surface streams down into their depths,

Who expose their roots to the fructifying moisture from above              and below.

They are the warriors of today – the catalysts of transformation.

They risk death of psyche, body, and soul

in order to experience fully the transforming powers present

in the domains of their deepest fears.

They emerge as does the phoenix —

Motivated, activated, determined to find the courage to create their lives,

To choose to live as individuals committed to self-awareness,

Self-centered women, centered in themselves,

Committed to voicing and acting upon their ideals in the world–

A world that does not ask for change, to be turned inside out,

A world that silently and loudly cries for nurturance, for                              sustenance,

A world that cries for those beings with the strength of heart                 and the will

to carry out the tasks of transformation.

They are the Women Warriors.

Need Help with Medical Equipment? A Suggestion from John Rudy

As we mature, we increasingly need Durable Medical Equipment including items like canes, wheelchairs, crutches, and more.  After surgery or an accident, we may need such devices.  Sometimes, these items may be available either free or with a co-pay through Medicare or other insurance.  There is another solution possible in the greater Boston area–The Massachusetts Masons.             

The Massachusetts Masons are located at 500 West Cummings Park, Suite 1150, in Woburn.  (Take Route 128N, get off at Washington Street, Exit 36, and take a RIGHT.  Go about 1/2 mile and turn right when you are opposite Staples.  Bldg 500 is in the back of the enclave). They are open ONLY from 9-12 on Saturdays, and the line moves very fast.  While I was there, I saw wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and shower chairs taken.  If you need something a bit more unusual, call 781-322-1052 before showing up.  I was told that they have 30,000 pieces in circulation and ask that you return what you borrow.

I have been successfully able to use the Masons as a source three times.  I was even able to get a Hoyer Lift for my mother, something that would normally cost about $800.  They ask that you return items when they are no longer needed and are happy to receive donations.