By Jane Grignetti

I have been addicted to the world of image and image making ever since I discovered Life Magazine as a kid. I poured over those black and white images as if they were magical. It wasn’t until 1972, however, that I took a photography course and began to learn something about how to actually make a picture. At the time, I wasn’t married, so it made perfect sense to me to convert the kitchen of my apartment into a dark room. Needless to say, I was so enthralled by the dark room process that I learned more about making photos than I learned about making meals. The kitchen became just a kitchen again when I married my husband in 1973, but other things became magical.

Now that I am semi-retired, I am spending much more time on photography. I am trying to take the time to see the world around me in a deeper and more dynamic way. This process gives me the feeling of discovery!

These two butterflies resulted from a sudden recognition.  I was initially unaware of them when suddenly I saw their movements in and about the small garden I was passing. I felt totally enchanted and spent a long time trying to render their world with a little bit of their magic.

Pandemic worries, on top of climate change, are so overwhelming that they have me even more wedded to the need to cherish nature and to protect it. We are blessed with a yard that attracts many beautiful birds,  and we are practically a sanctuary city for Lexington’s chipmunks.  I find myself spending as much time as possible outside, monitoring the progress of plants going through their cycle, from gestation to flowering. I have been tracking our robin couple from their choosing of nest sites to the debut of their next generation fledglings. How industrious our robins are!

The fella in the birdbath discovered a way to cool off in our recent hot days–we can all laugh as we recognize ourselves in his discovery!

BOLLI member and photographer, Jane Grignetti

Jane grew up in New Haven and received degrees from Vassar and Boston University. Her career as a psychiatric social worker has ranged from clinical positions in hospitals to private practice and consultation.  She has also served as an instructor in psychiatry at both Beth Israel and Tufts hospitals.   In 1995, she was presented with the National Association of Social Workers lifetime achievement award.  We are happy that Jane finds time for BOLLI courses and, of course, the Photo Group!

6 thoughts on “THE FEELING OF DISCOVERY by Jane Grignetti”

  1. Dear, dear Janie,
    What joy in your writing and always in your photography! Beautiful, lovely and touching…more, more, more please!

  2. Dear Janie,
    This is a gift — a wonderful way to start the day… your humor and sense of wonder abound in your writing and photography!
    Thank you!

  3. Jane — Your photographs are exquisite! And your absorption and delight in your garden so very fortunate for you….
    You write about chipmunks, cute little fellows — until just a few days ago when I found one sitting on our living room couch here on Cape Cod, making himself comfortable—maybe waiting for his favorite t.v. program. Yikes!
    Good for you for immersing yourself in nature’s delight.
    Your friend, Eleanor Jaffe

  4. Janie,

    Thanks for always sharing you passion, I have enjoyed your work my entire life and love you more than you know!

    Tu sobrino Andy

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