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The Exceptional scenery and Mis en scene of Silsila

This movie had so much beautiful scenery, with such colorful set’s and clothing. I really enjoyed observing these aspects of the mis en scene of the movie. Here are some great shots of scenes throughout the movie that really bring alot of color and life to the story.
The “Dekha ek khwab” song shown in the gallery is of Amit and Chandni at Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Netherlands. They chose this setting to give more meaning to the lyrics,”Door Tak Nigahon Mein Hain Gul Khile Hue”, which means, “Far and wide, I see roses blooming in my eyes”. Perfect mis en scene for this song, the vibrant colors offer truth to the lyrics and this scene.
Color is such a big aspect of this movie; it is full of emotion, much emotion that is not hidden, and therefore all the colors can be related to the flurry of different actions that take place. A color of every mood and a color for every occasion are the underlying structure of this film. So when different as we learned reds and golds are shown in weddings, and bright yellows and magentas signify a courtship. These colors are all scene when Amit and Chandni are at the garden. Blacks and reds are used in scenes with danger; they are always darker in lighting as well. Greens and vibrant purples usually signify lust and seduction, colors seen in the various moments throughout this movie as well, used in order to depict Amits desire for Chandni. Bollywood is color,and its representations of mood and emotions.

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One of the things that I immediately noticed following the Tulip Garden scene was that EVERY scene in the movie from there on out is complete with pink or red roses in the mise-en-scene. I really appreciated the attention to detail afforded to the mise-en-scene in this film. I felt it was really genuine and added more symbolic meaning and a greater degree of depth and variety than I noticed anywhere else in any of the films we watched throughout the semester. We have undoubtedly seen some pretty extravagant sets and some beautiful scenery, but no other movie includes AN object in EVERY scene as an active symbol to the extent that Silsila does. If you rewatch the movie, be sure to watch out for the roses present in the houses, at the dinner and lunch tables, in the park, in the hospital room, etc.

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