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Amit and Shekar: A Bromance – Brittany Ritell

In today’s class as we discussed the close relationship between the characters of Shekar and Amit in Silsila it was said that there was not a word to describe their relationship. Perhaps this is true in Hindi, but in American colloquialism a terms has developed in the past few years that describes it perfectly. Looking to Urban Dictionary for the most widely accepted definition of this slang term, you will find the following definition-


Bromance (noun):

  1. Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.
  2. A close relationship between two bros to such a point where they start to seem like a couple.


I feel that this term effectively captures the relationship that we were discussing in class. While this might seem silly to post in relation to an academic analysis of a film, the fact that this type of relationship is so widely spread that a slang term was developed for it is certainly interesting. It validates the presences of this type of relationship that people can find in a close reading of certain scenes.

For a more fun interpretation of what exactly a ‘bromance’ entails, check out this silly youtube video/song:

Bromance Song-Youtube

I think that this video’s interpretation of Bromances further proves the similarity of this term and the Shekar/Amit Relationship. Throughout the duration of the video, it shows that the closeness of the relationship is okay, but at the end when the two guys are hugging and a hand slips to a certain level, it shows that the relationship is changed. This regiments the idea that a bromance, similar to the Shekar/Amit relationship, is okay because it is a deeper emotional and personal connection, but once it begins to include a physical closeness, it crosses the line and runs closer to a homosexual relationship.

The way the bromance relationship is portrayed in that video falls in line with the nuanced difference between Sherakr/Amit and a truly homosexual relationship which is why I think at least in American slang, there most definitely is a word to explain their closeness.

-Brittany Ritell

(I know this post is 90% silly but I hope you enjoyed that song because I think it’s hilarious.  I do think it’s a valid addition to today’s class discussion though!)

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