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Parallelism and Mapping Silsila

By Elizabeth Fields

The more I think about the movie Silsila, the more it reminds me of Shakespeare. While seemingly different, both the character structure of Silsila and Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream or even Othello are similar. In all of these stories, there are two heterosexual couples. These two couples, as individual people and also as pairs, challenge each other while highlighting their differences and similarities. This setup of shaping a story around two couples allows audiences to further understand double the amount of struggles for individuals during this time.


By arranging couples by Amit/Shoba, Dr/Chandni in Silsila we are not being accurate. Throughout the movie, these positions are not so fixed. Perhaps, then, the purpose of having two couples allows not for creating a permanent character arrangement. We cannot illustrate the relationships so simply because there really are five different arrangements:






Thus, the original four person arrangement,  this parallel structure, is meant to be challenged which in turn creates an engaging text.silsila7Unknown-1Unknown-2silsila2

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