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No More Mr. Nice Guy by Julia Salomon

Shah Rukh Kahn was known to play the part of the “evil villain” in many films before he became “Raj” in DDLJ. Personally I didn’t believe that he had that type of range. I though he was perfect playing the goofy immature young hero who, grows up when true love enters the picture. He did not seem to have a mean bone in his body. However after seeing Dil Se, I have completely changed my mind. Throughout this entire movie I saw him as a very aggressive character. First off, he becomes obsessed with Meghana and follows her all the way to where she lives. He will not let her out of his sight. I think there is a fine line between being in love and wanting to spend time with another person and stalking somebody. He creeps around just like an evil villain would. Although it is not just the stalking, it is also the fact the way he aggressively treats Meghana. He throws her around, grips her tightly, and forces her to kiss him. He is not the sweet and Gentle Raj from DDLJ he is now a very hostile man who forces a woman to love him. I feel like the real terrorist in this movie is Amar due to the way he acts. After seeing this movie, I can now perfectly imagine Shah Rukh Kahn as a cruel and evil antagonist.

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