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My Questions About Dil Se’s Ending–K. Fallon

Dil Se Ending

I was very surprised by the ending of Dil Se. Of course, it was shocking in itself to watch two people blow themselves up, but I was especially shocked by Amar’s decision to commit suicide alongside Meghna, and by Meghna’s decision not to properly follow through with the plan to assassinate the Prime Minister. In class we discussed that this act could be viewed as the one thing Meghna ever does for herself because no one has ever truly loved her before. This makes sense because Amar represents to her a different way of life that could potentially be better. I, however, do not agree with this idea. It seems to me that if Meghna had actually been tortured as a child like she says she was and blames the Indian army/government for her suffering, she would feel a greater obligation to help the cause of her allies. I do think that Meghna liked the ideas of being with Amar and of a normal life because she has never had one, but if one were as committed to her cause as Meghna claims to be early on, it seems improbable that one could persuade someone to simply commit suicide rather than go through with a suicide bombing. It may not be as impacting an ending, but I would find it plausible that Amar, instead of dying alongside Meghna, could convince her not to kill herself at all and they could run away together, if she truly did not believe in her terrorist cause.

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Alternatively, Meghna hates Amar so much that she would rather destroy him than the president.

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I somewhat agree with the alternative theory suggested by kberz. I think that Meghna is finally just so overwhelmed by the force of Amar’s violent pursuit that she resigns herself to what he wants in this moment, which is to die with her in order to prevent her from being a terrorist. I am sure that part of that is resentment and hatred toward Amar, but also just resignation that his obsession is too strong to overcome. She had every intention to walk right past him before he grabbed her and physically stopped her. This is not the first time that he is violent with her and it is not uncommon that this type of forceful violence would push one who was previously violated into a submissive position. Her tears, then, would not represent fear of death or a dramatic love, but rather, frustration with herself for submitting to his force, rather than following through with. If you think about the ending in this light, it is difficult to say that Amar would be able to convince Meghna to leave her terrorist group completely and run away together, especially considering that there is essentially no evidence to support that she loves him.

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