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Akash is a terrible friend

Sydney Shuster

Akash is supposed to be kind of a carefree fool in this movie, but it goes beyond that.  Akash is kind of a terrible friend, and his treatment of his friends depends on his own opinion, not friendship.  The treatment of Sameer’s relationship to Priya is an example of this.  When Sameer is saying hello to Shalini, Akash takes the opportunity to mess up their relationship because he does not like Priya.  Though Sameer is loyal, Akash makes a suggestion that Sameer is up to no good by asking her if he’s been gone too long.  She promptly sees Sameer kissing Shalini’s cheek goodbye.  The next time Akash messes with their relationship is very soon after that.  Akash was supposed to call her but has forgotten.  She is still mad about him kissing another woman.  After he hangs up with her and leaves, her being clearly very mad, she calls back.  Akash claims that Sameer was not with them and never came back last night.  Once again, this implies that Sameer is going with other women.  Instead of being a good friend and person and supporting Sameer’s relationship, Akash decides that since he does not like Priya, they should not be together.  He breaks them up.  He has Priya dump him.  For me, the fact that Akash makes the person that Sameer loves think that Sameer cheated was shocking.  If he was my friend, he would not be my friend after that.  It felt like a violation of trust.  The occurrence is never brought up again.  Akash gets no reprimand.

When Sameer falls in love not once but twice after that, the news is met with kid gloves.  Sid and Akash know how he is, but let Sameer live his life.  Akash does not interfere because it does not affect his life yet as Priya had.  After Akash and Smaeer meet Tara, they like her.  Akash even dances with her.  Yet Akash does not approve with Sid’s relationship with her and so once again he meddles.  For Akash, he is the one who should decide what should be.  Instead of support for this relationship, a relationship even less impossible than Sameer’s love for the swiss girl that Akash has no objections to, Akash becomes vulgar and tries to appeal to social conventions to stop the relationship.  I welcomed the slap.  Akash is a terrible friend.  Things that are offensive or unpleasant to him he attempts to destroy.  Hopefully when they reconcile at the end of the movie, Akash has grown some as a person.

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While I agree that Akash really isn’t the ideal friend at the beginning of the film, I feel the urge to defend his actions in regards to Sameer and Priya. Yes, he does try to get Sameer in trouble, but it is mostly in jest and Priya is the one who takes it very seriously. She is extremely possessive and controlling and while I recognize that Sameer believes he loves her and it is no one else’s place to interfere with a relationship, Sameer is probably better off out of that relationship. Priya even says that he needs to choose between her and life long friend. Just as Akash does not have a right to interfere with their relationship, she does not have a right to interfere with a friendship. For that reason, I don’t mind so much that they end up breaking up.

His biggest fault is that he is inconsiderate of his friends’ feelings and he is reprimanded for this when Sid slaps him. I see this slap as a response to not only the immediate insult that he causes Sid, but also a response to all the times that he should have thought of others more before he spoke or acted.

Speaking of Sid, he also is not the best friend at moments. After this altercation with Akash, he just leaves without saying goodbye to Sameer, who is absolutely innocent of any wrong-doing. He then has no contact with him while he is at school in a time when Sameer really could have used someone to talk to. This didn’t make much sense in the context of Sid up to that point and I was pretty disappointed in him for it.

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Akash can be seen at first as a terrible friend to both Sameer and Sid. When Sid opens up to his best friends, Akash shuts him down by laughing at him and making a mockery of his feelings for Tara. However, there is concern and care that underlies this mockery. Akash doesn’t want his friend to get involved in a relationship with a divorced older women as this would be a difficult relationship and might end up leaving Sid with a broken heart. Akash cares deeply about the people in his life especially his best friends, but has a strange way of showing it. He has a strong outer wall which according to me is just a facade. He is an extremely emotional and sensitive guy. We see this when he has a breakdown and lets all his emotions out when he first gets to Australia and is at his empty apartment.

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