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Unconventional Comedy -Jessica Dennis

So for starters, On the one hand, it was so utterly ridiculous that I was laughing out loud. But on the other, it was enjoyable. Most of the scenes were just so unrealistic and not believable that I had to crack up especially the blood donation scene. What they showed was not how that process works and the camera work during that scene was funny. It would go from each son to the mother… like yes we see they are all giving blood and we know they are all brothers hahha, too repetitive for me. Also when the car hits the mother, I think its funny due to how unrealistic it is. When they show the mother It looks like they just put red paint on her, it soooo didn’t look real blood. I could not take that scene seriously.
Overall AAA was no suspense thriller it was easily readable (not saying I’m a Bollywood expert). It had a foundation based on the familiar lost and found theme. For example people fed on doses of Bollywood productions of those years would have certainly witnessed a person losing eyesight in an accident and regaining it at a temple in another accident, siblings getting lost and found through carefully orchestrated accidents and various such clichéd happenings. I will say that despite that I found AAA to work because of them, but in spite of them. AA had good dialogue and music, my favorite was “My name is Anthony Gonsalves” (link posted below). I like the upbeat music, the scene is fun and the leading lady Parveen Babi is strikingly beautiful.

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