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Yes, I’m late…sigh – Dil Chahta Hai-Jessica Dennis

So, I know I haven’t written a blog post in a while, yes shameee on me!!!! Over this passover break I decided to watch this movie again because I liked it that much! First I’d like to say how comical this movie was to me especially with Akash and his distance from love and being psychologically toll wrecked by his self defense. Akash is at first unable to handle his own feelings to falling madly love with. I will say that I do like the change in era dealing with the change in Bollywood. It’s almost as though the director was experimenting with putting normal people, rather than film characters, into filmi conventions and scenarios and I think thats why I really like the movie. It does not hold the same moralistic patterns as much older Bollywood movies but I do like how some of it is still shines through. For example Sid’s romance for a much older woman, who is an alcoholic and divorced, is still portrayed as worthy of affection even though Sid’s mother and Akash disapprove. After the tragic end of their relationship, Sid doesn’t mind his own suffering because it was the natural consequence of following his heart. This scene brings the viewer back to the essential Bollywood principle of suffering for your true love, at the same time quietly whispering, “even if your family and friends don’t agree.” It’s an old-school ideal with a hint of new-generation individualism. The mix of humor, emotion, sincerity and wisdom makes “Dil Chahta Hai” a truly enduring film.

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I agree with Jessica, that was my first outlook as well when I watched Dil Chahta Hai. The young outlook to the movie kept me going and was much easier to watch than other old bollywood films. I also enjoyed the different relationships each one of them shared with their spouses. Their way of approaching life was similar to the youth nowadays and hence made it much easier for one to relate with the circumstances and decisions that they took. The post graduation holidays, dealing with life decisions made part of our lives in the 21st century.
It was a fun watch and definitely kept me going!

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