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Changes in style in Main Hoon Na

In Main Hoon Na, three of the main characters under go large transformations of their appearances: Ram, Lucky, and Sanju. While Ram’s transformation brings him in touch with a more modern and Western style, Lucky and Sanju’s transformations bring them back to more Indian styles.

It’s probable this is meant as a simple suggestion that the older generation needs to embrace the youth in them and not fall out of touch with the modern world, while the youth have to know their roots and respect where they came from.

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Another important point about the change in styles is that the song that it occurs in is the title song. By incorporating the change in style in this song, the film is making a statement about the role of Shahrukh Khan in this film. In India, this song would be on tv months before anyone was able to see the film. So when this songs plays, people wonder what the film will actually be about. Seeing Shahrukh Khan dressed as old man instantly pulls the audience away from SRK’s usual films where he plays a much younger character and they are now eager to see what role he will be playing. Being the adult in a song with college kids puts him in a different light. When the audience actually watches the movie, they see that this song is the celebration and acceptance of Ram in the college culture. He is now just like the rest of his classmates despite his age. So in order to show this, there is the transformation. Now Ram is dressed as a young college kid to show that he belongs.
Lucky’s transformation is related to his reunion of a father figure in his life. In his case, it’s his brother Ram. He used his attitude and his clothing as a rebellious statement and once Ram is in his life, he slowly changes that by cutting his hair and dressing more traditionally/conventionally.
Sanju only temporarily underwent a transformation and it was because she was not getting the attention she wanted from Lucky. He only fell in love with the traditional feminine look and Sanju did not embody that in the beginning because of her own sense of style. After her transformation, there is the Tumse Milke Dil Ka Jo Haal song when Lucky has the violins playing signifying that he loves her. After she proves her point, she’s able to go back to her normal way of dressing.

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