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Kaminey – Saanchi Gilani – Theatrical Trailer

Kaminey the sheer translation of ‘rascal’ has an intriguing title to story in this movie. While watching the theatrical, I would have not imagined the movie to be as dark is it seems to be. The use of the famous song Dhan Te Na Na definitley makes its highlight in the movie trailer. It keeps you on your toes with the intensity of the tone, additionally it adds to the thrilling aspect in the movie. The trailer starts with Charlie justifying how he has not seen his brother. This sets foot into the basic sense of the movie. While Charlie lisps, Guddu is shown to stammer.

The two brothers are shown in different grids during the trailer. Charlie is surrounded by a dark lighting set with his long hair falling over his face, while Guddu is speaking of ‘home science’ in a well lit area with his long hair pushed back. We are also introduced to Sweety, Priyanka Chopra along with Shahid Kapoor. The two grids separate allowing us to see the difference in characters that exist. The trailer matches with the beats of the song, while the high pitch indicates the introduction of characters when a the chorus plays, its often during a constant scene or a dance move. While this has the ability to let the audience take from it what they view the movie to be, other characters such as Bhope, Mikhail are also introduced individually.

Over all, the trailer does justice to the movie as it allows each to gain something out of it. From song sequences, to the rolex clock ticking and touches upon the intensity of Bhope and mikhail’s influence in the life of the twins.

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