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The Fashion of Dil Chahta Hai at the Opera

Dil Chahta Hai brings a strong eye to the costuming, especially for the more Western clothing. The most prominent  example of this would probably be the scene where Akash goes to the opera with Shalini. The older male viewers around them employ a more conservative style their dress shirts white or light colored, with darker ties. A few of them can even be seen wearing a formal black tie ensemble. Their dress is perfect for the occasion, as it should be for people portrayed at frequent or at least comprehending patrons of the opera.

Akash, on the other hand is dressed in more contemporary fashion, a decision perfectly fitting his character. In the scene he has been told to put on a suit and show up at a random place, not knowing the occasion. In his mind, the appropriate outfit would probably be a more youthful look, well suited for a formal occasion based around social interactions with a less formal setting. The dark shirt and light metallic tie end up sticking out in the fashion of scene. This clash works well with the following clash between his lack of knowledge of opera and the situation into which he has been thrown.

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By: Bernie

I agree most of the clothing in DCH were Western type of clothing, but i think it illustrating more on the Western theme aspect of the movie; it really does not have much to do with the opera. The opera was a stage for the Akash and his lover and made reference to the “old school” concept that it mocks through out the movie.

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