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The Kiss in Kaminey – Miriam Esther Goldman

“Kaminey” is notable for being in the only movie we saw in class in which the leads shared a kiss. The film also dealt explicitly with the subject of extramarital pregnancy, a topic also touched on by Silsila, but without the kissing shown onscreen.

The censors which govern Bollywood decency codes, much like the Hayes Code in the United States, had outlawed onscreen kissing on the lips until the 1990s. Even then, despite beginning to appear with more frequency in films, their presence has mounted over the years.

For Kaminey to contain a Hollywood-style sex scene kiss is appropriate to the values of this movie and what it is trying to impart. It is a movie about being “bad,” about living on the edge and getting some gratification out of a quick life before you burn yourself out.

For such a movie to break ground in this way, and show an act, which American viewers think is benign, in such a “naughty” light, is only to be expected. That a baby comes from it is only an afterthought.


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