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The Many Faces of SRK

by Radhika Parekh

Shahrukh Khan is definitely an iconic superstar and has starred in a good amount of Bollywood movies. He has also adapted to a plethora of roles. In two out of the many SRK films we have watched throughout the semester, I have noticed that he has played dual characters in Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. Dual in the sense that he has portrayed contrasting personalities in both films.

In main hoon na, he played a nerdy old college student who had come back to college to finish his education. His dressing, as well his ‘uncoolness’ defined his nerdy charceter. In the second half of the film, there was a comple transformation in his character, as he turned into a fearless, heroic almost superhero, who took bullets in his chest saving others. This selflessness combined with the special visual effects in the film can show him as ‘badass’, a complete 360 from his previous ‘nerdy’ role in the film.

In the first half of Om Shanti Om, he played a struggling junior actor who was almost desperate to attain fame and success and marry the unattainable girl of his dreams. In the latter half of the film, he is reincarnated as a well-known, top notch actor who has a big fan following and girls fawning all over him. Once again, we see a complete contrast of the role he plays in the same movie.

Shahrukh Khan is rightly known as the king of Bollywood. He can possible play any role that is given to him and do a good job at it! SRK 3


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