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The Theme of Reincarnation

By Radhika Parekh

After watching Om Shanti Om, the theme of reincarnation may seem very rare and different. However, there have been quiet a few Bollywood movies with this theme in it, one of them being Karz, which Prof. Anjaria talked about in class. Right from the 50s and till date, reincarnation has found itself in numerous films. I think that this theme is probably best suited for Bollywood films more than any other. Bollywood films are full of glitz and glam, melodrama, over the top songs and dances so why not add such a theme to it? A theme like re incarnation which goes beyond any conventional theme, contains fantasy, magic and mystery, which Bollywood is known for doing. These themes have also been known to grip audiences even more, leading to the film’s success, hence producers and directors are always looking to make films based on them. Reincarnation also has religious connotations attached to it. Three of the major Indian religious sects, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism believe in reincarnation and hence is widely prevalent in India. This is definitely a major factor why this theme is recurrent in so many Bollywood films.

Check out the list of  Bollywood films that have been released so far with the theme of reincarnation in it!

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