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Riches and fame; greed and “king of the reign”?-Miriam Gaistman

Guide is a film which left me uneasy because of the manner the characters unraveled. When I watch a film I like to know which characters are villains and which characters are the heros clearly; however, in Guide there was a double standard to how the characters were presented. At first glance one would think that Raju was a true hero and he would be the one to make the ethical choices throughout the movie. On the other hand he became sucked into a world of vices and forgery and stealing from the woman he “loved” because of the riches he gained through Rosie’s popularity. When he got released from jail it seamed that he made some sort of transformation but when he was in the village he still had some sense of greed.

Rosie was also another character that bothered me the way she acted. She seemed to be kind and genuine and wanting to be happy with her husband and please him even though he treated her as if though she didn’t exist. Once again when she became famous she only cared about herself, Raju was just another guy out there and she became like Marco. And Marco tried to win her back when she was famous even though he loathed her and called her some sort of whore because of her passion for dance. Money, wealth, riches, popularity and power were the key factors that lured everyone in and caused them to become selfish and greedy.

I feel that that is the reason Raju dies and it is not until then that they both have some sort of epiphany and realize that they were sucked into a crude and superficial world and that doesn’t truly matter, but what matters is the bond, love, and family; but then it is too late.

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