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A blessing in disguise…-Miriam Gaistman

Main Hoon Na is a movie that is filled with disguises; mainly a blessing in disguise. If you think about it the first curse and terrible thing we see as the antagonist is Raghavan who is diguised by his mask. If it weren’t for him threatening the prime minister Ram wouldn’t be protecting Sanja, thus meeting his long lost brother and the chemistry teacher for whom he fell in love with. Maybe Sanja wouldn’t have come out of her tomboy disguise in order to make Lucky realize his true feelings for her. Though it upsets Lucky and Madhu they come to realize the true meaning of family and how many things in the end to fit to be blessings in disguise. This reminds me of Purim, the Jewish holiday where we are taught this message; at first you may not realize but many things are blessings in disguise.


1) Raghavan: his mask hiding his face and true identity; when the movie first began and Ram was told he had a brother my first instinct was that his mysterious brother was going to be Raghavan the terrorist.

2) Lakshman: disguises his name through his nickname Lucky, thus at first Ram doesn’t know that he is his long lost brother.

3) Ram: disguised as a student in order to protect Sanja and find his brother.

4) Sanja: disguised as a tomboy thus not allowing Lucky to realize he was truly in love with her (looks?)

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