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Dil Se: Everything shown from the heart with the whole passionate heart…-Miriam Gaistman

The title Dil Se, with all my heart or from the heart resonates throughout the movie at all times; everything that is done is done in a very passionate manner. At the beginning of the film we see how Amar is immediately drawn to Meghna when her vail uncovers her with the wind; he is attracted to the sadness and emptiness in her eyes. I couldn’t quite grasp how after 30 minutes of the film Amar told Meghna that he knows nothing except that he loves her; was it love at first sight? He didn’t even know her on a personal level and was declaring his love to her as if he were going to propose. It was more of an obsession and infatuation than actual love. It was not until the end where you could see that it was “true” love because Amar told Meghna that it didn’t matter if she didn’t want to go with him and stop the explosion but that he wanted her to take him along, so they could die in love together. I feel that it was when he was exposed to the truth about Meghna being raped and experiencing first-hand so many deaths that he was in some way able to accept her actions; the only reason he didn’t want her to go through it was mainly because he didn’t want her to leave him and die.

Here is where another question arises. Where do you draw the line of what is a terrorist and what is an act of vengeance and even a cause for justice. How can you blame a poor girl who was victimized and whose laughter left her when she was only eight years old; her innocence was torn apart from her. All this injustice and political criticism on the Indian government and military was because there was truly no freedom and the people were very unhappy with the government becasue of the lack of progress; those who acted upon were seen as terrorists because of some of the extreme measures they took out of desperation. Once again these actions were done with all their hearts and from their hearts; “Nobody is more beautiful than a martyr,” is what Meghna is told the morning of her sacrifice.

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