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Shahrukh Khan: A Hunk of an Actor-Miriam Gaistman

This is a video where Shahrukh Khan is being interviewed about being an actor and a star, in this case in Om Shanti Om. I think he is so successful because he knows himself and knows who he is; he knows he is a great actor and great to work with. He does his acting from his heart and goes about to say that he is so good at what he does because he is playing himself in the films. He goes about to imagine what would he do or be like if he were to be place in this or that sort of situation. Shahrukh Khan is someone who is very sure of himself and knows he is good looking and great all around. He worked hard to get to his glistening half naked body and is proud to show it off (where “nudity” and sexual appeal is not so liberally accepted. He is more like a the forbidden apple that everyone wants but only a few dare to accept it). He says he is easy to work with and makes others laugh and enjoys working with those who appreciate his work. Even though I do believe he is a great actor I also believe that he is a little full of himself, and could show a little more modesty in order to appeal more to people on a personal level and not so much like a god like amazingly good looking good actor kind of man. Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.07.23 AM

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