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Why wait until you are dying to start living? The message of Kal Ho Naa Ho- Miriam Gaistman

Kal Ho Naa Ho, also known as Tomorrow May Never Come, is a romantic film which not only made Naina question how she lived and looked at life, but put a lot of things in a different perspective for me on a personal level. Naina is angry at life because her father committed suicide and left her, Gia and Shiv her two sisters, as well as her mother alone. It is a very rough patch for Naina and her family in their lives right now. It is not until Amar comes along with his optimism and positive outlook towards life and changes Naina for good.

This goodness out of his heart causes Naina to eventually for in love with Amar; however, Rohit who at the beginning seemed to be the only shining light in Naina’s life is in love with Naina and this is when I get a glimpse of how it is better to have one good friend than a lot of buddies. Amar proved to be an amazing friend repeteadly; first by lying and protecting Rohit saying that he was married, thus causing Naina to look for that option in Rohit who was dying to make her fall in love with him. Eventually with the help of Amar and his many love warming tricks he was able to do so, and even had to poetically read what Rohit had “written” in his diary about the true love that he felt for Naina.

My question is…why do we have to wait until we are dying or very sick to truly start living? Did Amar live the way he did because of his terminal death condition? What has to happen in our lives in order for us to alter the way we think and act so it could be done for things we truly love and want to do and go about them in a positive manner.

This movie made me really question how to live and above I attached a video which really makes you think as well about the situation; how to behave with people around you and maybe even how to go about living your life every day. We should truly live it as if it were our last, because one day it may truly be the last. If it were the last day of your life would you want to do what you are doing right now?

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