January Results

This past January BUMTA competed at two tournaments, Villanova University’s Rivalry Weekend and BRIC VII, hosted by Cornell University.

At Rivalry Weekend, Teams 1248 and 1249 placed 3rd and 1st, with records of 6-2 and 6-1-1, respectively. From Team 1249 first year Shafaq Hasan won an attorney award with 18 ranks on the defense, while sophomore Michelle Sinnreich won a witness award, also with 18 ranks on the defense.  Team 1249 played Temple B, Swarthmore, Temple A, and Drexel.

Team 1249: Michelle Sinnreich, Shafaq Hassan, Ricky Rosen, David Ferrazzoli, Alex Schneider, Chris Amstutz, and Jaclyn Willner

On Team 1248, team captain Jordi Goodman won a witness award with 19 ranks on the plaintiff.  Team 1248 played Villanova, Drexel, Lasell, and Swarthmore.

Team 1248: Ernie Butner, Jordi Goodman, Andrea Honig, Avi Snyder, Jess Schaengold, Hannah Anderson, Sebastian Miao

The following weekend, January 29th-30th, Team 1246 competed at the seventh annual Big Red Invitational Classic.  Team 1246 went 5-3, beating Rochester and Hamilton, splitting with Penn State, and losing to NYU.  BUMTA President Ryan Fanning won his 3rd consecutive attorney award with 18 ranks on the defense.

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