Round 3 Tournament Pairings

Below are the pairings for Round 3 of this year’s Justice Brandeis Invitational.  Captains’ meetings will be at 8:30 in Olin-Sang 101.  See you then!

Room                            Π                          Δ
Olin Sang 116    The Conspirator    Devil’s Advocate
Olin Sang 104    Crucible    Erin Brockovich
Olin Sang 112    Anatomy of a Murder    12 Angry Men
Olin Sang 124    Philadelphia    Runaway Jury
Golding 107    Primal Fear    Gideon’s Trumpet
Golding 101    Double Jeopardy    Inherit the Wind
Golding 109    Legally Blonde    Green Mile
Golding 103    Usual Suspects    Chicago
Lown 201    Lincoln Lawyer    Conviction
Lown 203    Presumed Innocent    A Few Good Men
Lown 301    To Kill a Mockingbird    In Cold Blood
Lown 302    Witness for the Prosecution    Miracle on 34th Street
Shiffman 120    A Civil Action    The Verdict
Shiffman 219    My Cousin Vinny    Kramer vs. Kramer

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