Jehuda Reinharz and Nutan Kaushik

The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit starts with a flourish: an address by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  We are met at the venue by Nutan Kaushik, a biotechnologist  from The Energy and Resources Institute who has been assigned as President Reinharz’s host for the summit.   Nutan’s specialty is agriculture: she divides her time between the laboratory, teaching at TERI University, and working directly with farmers in both the North and the South of the country in improving crop yields. The opening speeches – and sessions throughout the day — reiterate the urgency of addressing global climate change, especially in light of the disappointing results of the Copenhagen summit in December.  There is perhaps a bit of a sense of preaching to the converted within this gathering – those who have made the effort to come to Delhi are already deeply concerned, and we hear many stories of government, business, and NGO efforts to address sustainability within their own institutions. In the exhibition hall, we visit the booth of the Heller School, where literature about a range of Brandeis programs is available.  Faculty member Ravi Lakshmikanthan  has made the trip from Waltham.  He is joined at the booth by Heller alum Tenzin Dhonyo MA SID ‘08, who is currently working with the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharasalama, and Katrina Kazada MA SID ’10, a second year SID student who is doing her practicum with TERI itself.  Business at the exhibition booth is good, they tell us.  Most of the other exhibitors are for-profit corporations, and Brandeis has the education field pretty much to itself. Jehuda speaks on Day 2 in the afternoon.  Stay tuned.