Video Story ideas

For the video story, I have the following two ideas for now:

First, I am interested in how people are preparing for their post college life. I am thinking about doing a video of several people talking about their attitude toward graduation and maybe their plan after. The video will also include their actions in preparing for the job interviews, networking etc, and the actual events themselves.

Second, I am just curious… is it okay if I do a documentary on Getz Lab? I want to have both staff and students who are using the lab taking about their thoughts about it, like how do they like it. The B-rolls will be like how staffs are helping the patrons, and their organization of the lab, and some wide shots of people working here. Maybe even a time-lapse of people going in and out the lab.

2 Ideas about potential stories

Last week, I mentioned that I might go find some local shops that are interesting to look at. I actually have one in mind. Last semester, I have been to this shop called “Gourmet Pottery” on Moody St, and it is a really interesting little shop. The owner is a lovely lady who told us the shop has been here for a long time. The pottery art pieces in the shop are colorful and I would say that they are perfect for photography. I would like to go into the shop and ask about how the the shop comes in mind when she first decided to open it, and maybe some stories behind each art piece. Also, there might have been some interesting stories about its customers before.


On the other hand, I am thinking about doing an interview with a friend of mine who is now running a start-up company that trades educational used books, and he is also an international student at Brandeis. I would like to know how he sees the opportunity behind this market and how the story of gathering enough money to start the business. Also, I would like to learn how he could balance the management of his company and his study at Brandeis. Maybe also some questions about young student entrepreneurs in general. It is hard already being an international student, and at the same time being an international businessman would just be unimaginable.


Hi there! Welcome to my blog. As a journalist, I will explore the stories around us, the spectacular out of normal. I might go to some most interesting shops around Waltham and other Boston area and talk to their owners about the stories of them. Also, I am interested in sports news.

In this week, you must have received a email from our president Ron about DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). His response and words toward this act is brave and effective. It is a great comfort for those students who are affected by it and shows how Brandeis is a inclusive community that takes care of everyone in it no matter what their background is.

According to the news I’ve read, Hurricane Irma is approaching Florida this weekend. It has been a great destruction force and people were killed by it, so please tell your friends there to move away from the predicted path of Irma and change your travel plan to Florida accordingly.