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So I know the Boston Globe is poor, but do we really need to print substandard writing? This column by contributing writer E.J Graff goes against all we have learned in class. Her lead says possibly a big problem…..umm like my title says seriously?? Ms. Graff is a wonderful woman and has great things to say but are you kidding me, “Probably told Hansen” “experts have told me” “Thousands of internationally adopted children are now worrying that if they misbehave, their families will send them back to their first countries,” has anyone actually come out and said their child is now worried? Connect it back to a person please.

She starts by saying there needs to be a policy change and then throws this in, “But the biggest lesson is too personal to be written into policy. Everyone needs help sometimes — most certainly, exhausted and terrified parents who have adopted traumatized children. Asking for help is no shame,” well shouldn’t you have told me that earlier if it was your point? Why tell me about policy that may not actually help as you say yourself.

I think this column proves that our class is teaching us really useful techniques and that were all great writers because much of the stuff we’ve read out loud in class is much better then this that just got printed in one of the nations best papers.

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One thing I learned about journalism this week is that you can do it quickly, both my  Howard Dean article and package had to be done in ridiculous amounts of time and they both turned out well so I was really suprised.

One thing that I had difficulty with was my sound levels in my package, I just had so much material and wanted to use it all. I found out that about half the people think its like sensory overload and I should of lowered the levels more etc but I’m still really happy with my package which you can see here.

As for my slideshow project, I would of liked to have better levels and more pictures but I do think it was still really interesting. You couldn’t see my files because I decided to do it on i-movie after final cut freaked out on me.

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Ya alligators are not the nice things that cartoons or songs make them out to be and you definitely should not play with them but that doesn’t mean they should suffer either. Alligators a vital part of Florida’s eco-system, one that is threatened by the everglade’s deterioration.

With global warming, droughts (which cause severe fires) and pollution the everglades has diminished over the last 35 years. With its deterioration comes the possible extinction of the American alligator and several of other not so nice but important everglade specific species like the American crocodile, the Florida panther and tons of little icky critters like tree spiders and mosquitoes.

Yes, I am the first to say I could defiantly live without things that could eat me when they wander into peoples backyards like the alligators or the spiders that bite you and can cause serious infections or the mosquitoes that keep me inside of my house all summer. However, the fact of the matter is that in an ecosystem all animals have their place and their part in making the system work. Without the annoying things we can’t have the beautiful things the everglades houses like the Florida manatee, the sea turtles or the over 100 trees and flowers that only grow in this place in the entire world.

In this New York Times editorial they supported the purchase of 73,000 acres of land that will be converted into underground water wells, reservoirs, and artificial marshes all which will hold water collected in Florida’s rainy season and then be released into the everglades during the dry season to prevent droughts, fires and eventually pollution( with higher water levels you can’t in the everglades and can’t leave stuff out there). I completely agree with the Time’s arguments and I am personally beyond excited for the revitalization of the everglades.

One of the best parts of growing up in Florida is taking air-boat rides through the everglades. These have been fewer and fewer as the chance of fire has increased with the dryness of the mangroves and the lack of water to boat on. With this new system conservationists will be able to attempt rehabilitation of endangered species with the confidence that they’re not helping to create a population of animals that may very well die out again.

Song “See you later alligator, in a while crocodile” with cartoons.

Info on endangered species of the everglades.

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One thing I learned this week is that its really tough to collect everything you need to for your slideshow and get it all in the right order etc. Its a bit stressful.

I also learned that being an anchor is really hard and I have a lot more respect for them now.

One thing I’m having problems with is remembering broadcast copy rules when I don’t have the guide near me.

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It was having some technical difficulties but LTS has sorted it all out for me yay!

One insightful thing I learned in lab this week was that with media you must have patience because if you try to do something in a rush you just screw it up save things in the wrong places etc and end up making more work for yourself.

A thing I am having a problem with is writing my scripts in a more approachable conversational way because I typically speak in a very formal manner it makes it hard to make my broadcast writing mainstream.

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My final copy of my stories on Obama’s STOU address for radio.

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I would know, Professor Whitfeild makes me his economics expert all the time because I’m an econ major. Except that even if you know exactly what you want to explain when your talking econ, to people that haven’t been very exposed to it, it sounds like your crazy.

Thomas Friedman always manages to dumb down the economy for the masses and he really gets his point across. He might be a little forward and knock you down with his opinion but it always makes sense.

This week in When Economies meet Politics, Friedman discusses the problems 2010 is facing between the banks, Iran and China. He uses comparisons everyone can understand because everyone has a heart and blood.

There’s nothing particularly exciting about what he talks about but I think there important topics for citizens to grasp.

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Illinois’ Daddy Problem by Gail Collins is one of the most amusing columns I’ve read in a long time. She sheds light on another state election problem, Obama’s seat. In nice to know that states other then Mass. , which everyone is sick of hearing about, have their own political issues. She does use Scott Brown as a reference, but uses him in a humorous way, comparing a Illinois candidate for senate to Brown writing

“The Republicans are in the Scott Brown zone. Kirk is running around reminding people that the Senate seat in question is “not Obama’s seat but the people’s seat,” and doing everything to look Brownlike short of taking off his clothes for a Cosmo spread.”

Its clear that Collins is well versed in Illinois politics and she makes it easy for the reader to not only understand the problem the voters and candidates are facing there, but also her mocking of it.

I really enjoyed her writing and so that’s why it was chosen for this post.

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Reflection: I truly enjoyed learning how to use the recorder and how the waves can be made into a mono wave. I’m excited to learn more about audio.

The only thing I am struggling with is that this class has a lot more work then I was expecting and so it’s so far really stressful for me but I think it may be because a lot of the assignments coming up include things I haven’t learned how to do yet so its a big unknown and that’s freaking me out.

Prompt: For this assignment since were in a Broadcast class I chose to pick two local news stations both ABC affiliates in top 5 markets, Miami and Boston and see how they differed when they were translated into a website.



The local news is different on both but they both feature news about a potential Al-Quida attack. They also both use the same exact photo provided by the AP for the story.

On both websites the slide show which features the top stories draw your eye in as well as the weather on both sites is clearly visible.

Video, photos and slide shows are displayed on both sites in very user friendly ways that make it clear that the video plays if you click on it or you can make the slide show faster by clicking on the forward button. A main technical and layout difference I noticed was that the bar that allows your to navigate through the website is featured on the top of the webstie on justnews.com and on the side of the page on thebostonchannel.com.

The audiences for both websites appear to be the metro area surrounding the station. For justnews it would be South Florida and for thebostonchannel its the Boston area and surrounding towns. You can come to this conclusion because local politics such as Scott Brown or Fill Wexler are the top headlines in the differing towns.

Most of the stories on both websites happen to be about 300 words. They are what we would call in print news a brief, it tells you the news maybe includes one quote but doesn’t give a lot of detail or back round info.  On the justnews site there were far more graphics or video when you clicked on a story then on thebostonchannel.

For thebostonchannel I would make the site more colorful. The white back round is really bland and almost distracting because its so white. For both sites I would also make the advertisements smaller or make them stay still, on both pages the advertisements moved and it was really distracting and annoying.

Justnews.com appeals to me more because I feel like its easier to navigate. The font size is larger in a lot of places and its divided into sections that make it easier to find exactly what you want. I think that both sites are equally credible. I don’t think I would prefer to get my news from either site because there both important to me I live in Boston so I want to know whats going on here but home is Florida so I like to keep up to date on that also.

Assignment :Twenty-five Brandeis students are leading a series of Haiti relief efforts on campus. Their goal is to collect at least 25 thousand dollars by the end of the semester. Donations will be made under the Brandeis university name; in order to show a campus-wide unified front. The group is currently planning over 15 events, which will take place over the next few months. The fund raising efforts for this semester will culminate in a black-tie charity dinner, which will feature a silent auction. All donations will be split between the nonprofit hope for Haiti, and an educational, self-empowerment- camp created for Haitian children by four Brandeis students.

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