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January 25th, 2010 at 10:22 pm
3 Responses to “A Novice Can Still Be Great~ A View Into Haiti’s Relief”
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    Nathan K Says:

    That’s one advantage of the Times and other such papers, just that the best /thinkers and news/makers/ contribute, and sometimes I’m shocked too that, oh, the head of Amnesty International, a sitting governor (or even president) seems to have spoken just to me.

    And good. We need MORE calls for Haiti!

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    Jon Says:

    I agree. Despite the initial overwhelming media coverage on the earthquake during the first few days, it seems as though it is slowly disappearing from everyone’s thoughts, and that is a huge problem!

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    Here it is 1 year after the Haiti earthquake and millions of suffering Haitians are still living under tarps. This is a disgrace for those who hold the donated funds that were supposed to help Haitians. When are they going to get them out of those refugee camps?