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Ya alligators are not the nice things that cartoons or songs make them out to be and you definitely should not play with them but that doesn’t mean they should suffer either. Alligators a vital part of Florida’s eco-system, one that is threatened by the everglade’s deterioration.

With global warming, droughts (which cause severe fires) and pollution the everglades has diminished over the last 35 years. With its deterioration comes the possible extinction of the American alligator and several of other not so nice but important everglade specific species like the American crocodile, the Florida panther and tons of little icky critters like tree spiders and mosquitoes.

Yes, I am the first to say I could defiantly live without things that could eat me when they wander into peoples backyards like the alligators or the spiders that bite you and can cause serious infections or the mosquitoes that keep me inside of my house all summer. However, the fact of the matter is that in an ecosystem all animals have their place and their part in making the system work. Without the annoying things we can’t have the beautiful things the everglades houses like the Florida manatee, the sea turtles or the over 100 trees and flowers that only grow in this place in the entire world.

In this New York Times editorial they supported the purchase of 73,000 acres of land that will be converted into underground water wells, reservoirs, and artificial marshes all which will hold water collected in Florida’s rainy season and then be released into the everglades during the dry season to prevent droughts, fires and eventually pollution( with higher water levels you can’t in the everglades and can’t leave stuff out there). I completely agree with the Time’s arguments and I am personally beyond excited for the revitalization of the everglades.

One of the best parts of growing up in Florida is taking air-boat rides through the everglades. These have been fewer and fewer as the chance of fire has increased with the dryness of the mangroves and the lack of water to boat on. With this new system conservationists will be able to attempt rehabilitation of endangered species with the confidence that they’re not helping to create a population of animals that may very well die out again.

Song “See you later alligator, in a while crocodile” with cartoons.

Info on endangered species of the everglades.

March 17th, 2010 at 10:41 pm