My own address and Eminem’s address (celebrity)

I found Eminem’s address to be
19766 Westchester Dr
Clinton Township, MI 48036

I found this address initially through the EminemWeb Forum and found several more sources with the same address using Google, including, Yahoo Answers, and, as well as several other blogs and forums. While this information is consistent across the Internet, I cannot conclude that it is valid.

I also confirmed this address on

I looked up this address on Google Maps and found a large mansion (viewable by satellite).

When I searched for my own home address, I could not find it either through Google or Zabasearch, even when searching by cell phone number (or home number) unless I was willing to pay. However, when I searched my mom, Irina D. Kozlova, on Zabasearch, our home address was the first result.

I did, however, find out that I completely dominate the first four pages of Google under my own name with my spelling.

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