FERPA and Copyright

The purpose of this statement is to grant Brandeis University and its representatives permission to use and distribute via this communication channel the following materials created by class members as part of the academic course in the BIology Department.

Spring 2015 – DNA Mechanisms and Research Review Papers, BIOL 150b



Disha Aggarawal

Sydney Alnemy

Rachel Friedmann

Lizabeth Katsnelson

Benjamin Laffin

Allie Mazzella

Tzvi Najman

Crystal Nevins

Sarah Pizzano

Lauren Sauer

Roxanne Tymon

Janelle Vultaggio

Weijin Xu

Kimberly Zayhowski



This release is being granted under the auspices of the Creative Commons  by-nc-nd (attribution – noncommercial – no derivative works) license.  Brandeis University and its representatives agree to provide appropriate attribution for this work, which will not be used for commercial purposes. Brandeis University Library and Rachel Woodruff agree not to alter or transform the work except to generate the digital formats necessary for distribution.

We understand that we and other creators may retain copyright in this work, subject to this release which allows Brandeis University to use the work in this exhibit under the conditions stated above for critical and educational purposes.

We agree to the terms of the release as described above

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Reviews and Questions in DNA Research

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