Links to Pnina’s conference reflections in HSS Newsletter (2010-2017):

  1. “RNA Splicing at 40: Reflections on Scientific Progress, Policy, and Social Justice.” PDF: RNA Splicing at 40.
  2. “Women and Men Making Knowledge: Reflections on a Prague Conference.”
  3. “IWHC-Tokyo-2015 – An Enchanted Conference I Almost Missed.”  PDF: Enchanted Conference.
  4. The “Mozart of Molecular Biology” and sessionmates at the HSS 2013 Annual Meeting (on Matthew Meselson, Fred Sanger, and related themes for DNA at 60). PDF: Mozart of Molecular Biology.
  5. On the 25th anniversary of Uneasy Careers & Intimate Lives, Women in Science, 1789-1979, Rutgers UP, 1987. Report on HSS and AAAS sessions in November 2012 & February 2013. PDF: Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives.
  6. “Photo 51–A Recent Addition to History-of-Science-Inspired Theatre” (on plays on Rosalind Franklin and the enigma of DNA structure). PDF: Photo 51.
  7. “How Science, Policy, Gender, and History Meet Each Other Once a Year: Reflections on Our Symposium at the AAAS 2011 Meeting” (on Madame Curie’s Centennial, her 2nd Nobel Prize, & the under-representation of women in science). PDF: Science, Policy, Gender, and History.
  8. “What’s in a Session? Lessons from the HSS Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, 19-22 Nov 2009” (on post-WWII transatlantic science policy). PDF: What’s in a Session.