ECLC Members (Fall 2011/Spring 2012)

Alex Cottrell

Alex Cottrell is a sophomore majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy, and Politics. She plans to get her masters and one day work as a hospital administrator. In addition to being a member of the Ethics Center Leadership Council, Alex participates on campus as a member of Student Sexuality Information Service, the Student Conduct Board, and routinely volunteers at the Waltham Group Blood Drives. She has volunteered at a variety of places since middle school, ranging from local AIDS shelters to opera and theatre productions. She first became concerned with the intersection of human rights and public life working as a counselor for young girls with special needs who were about to enter high school. As an ECLC member, she hopes to personally gain new perspective, and ultimately serve as a peer resource and help to foster informed discussions about all the subjects Brandeis students are passionate about.


Emily Zoller (Fall semester only)

Currently a sophomore at Brandeis University, Emily is pursuing a bachelors ofarts in International and Global Studies and Anthropology. After spending a summer living in Cusco, Peru in 2010 and studying international law and justice at The Hague in summer 2011, Emily has ignited her passion for the power of art and international systems in promoting justice. As a member of Adagio Dance Ensemble and Kaos Kids hip hop crew, Emily feels strongly about the community building possibilities of dance and art and would like to expand and interact with this idea on a larger scale. Also deeply fascinated by the idea of international law and its application through the International Criminal Court, Emily would love to investigate the the successes and shortcomings of this institution with specific look to victims and their role throughout the process.


Sasha Beder-Schenker

Sasha Beder-Schenker is a sophomore pursuing a B.A. in Politics and Philosophy and a minor in Peace, Conflict & Coexistence studies. In addition to having interned at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva and at the African Refugee Development Center in Tel Aviv, she is the Vice President of the Girl Effect at Brandeis, a group that believes female empowerment and micro financing are key to solving global poverty.  Although she was born and raised in France, Sasha has taken a special interest in American Politics and is an executive board member of the Brandeis Democrats. She has also spent the summer as an organizer for President Obama’s reelection campaign. Sasha is very interested in addressing inequality in the United States as well as in examining the US government’s role in international affairs. She is especially interested in addressing the structural roots of both domestic and international injustice, and in promoting the feasible nature of the establishment of an empathic civilization transcending issues of national borders.


Jennifer H. Kim

Jennifer H. Kim is a sophomore majoring in Hispanic Studies and following the pre-med track. Her experiences abroad in Panama and Mexico, as well as the transition from high school into college, have opened her eyes to how members of a community play different roles in helping support one another. Working as a peer-counselor for Students Talking About Relationships (S.T.A.R.) has broadened her preconceived notions on issues, and being a writer for Her Campus and active member of ABSK gives her many opportunities to know what the issues and latest news in the Brandeis community are. Majoring in a humanities course as well as focusing on the sciences gives her a wide-ranging perspective on the scope of ethics. Her hopes as a member of the ECLC are to have people thinking about what ethics is, inform people how ethics can be relevant to every aspect of life, and to explore how we can work to improve diversity on an already seemingly diverse campus.


Vanessa Lubiner

Vanessa Lubiner is a sophomore considering a double major in Comparative Literature and International and Global Studies. Her interest in social justice was nurtured from a young age. As a child, she remembers listening intently to dinner conversations between her parents and extended family members, with the topics usually revolving around politics and art. This influenced her tojoin art/music clubs and volunteer groups at her temple, and later in middle school and high school, to run benefit shows and literary magazines focused in student activism. Her interests range from local to international issues, which culminated in her involvement with Congressman James McGovern’s re-election campaign, and later AS220, a non-profit arts organization in Providence. These experiences brought her to the ECLC. She sees the Council as an opportunity to take action and to bring the social justice spirit back to campus, while working with and learning from students dedicated to human rights. Vanessa is also excited to work with Peacebuilding and the Arts to learn how artistic and cultural exchanges affect our understanding of each other, and how art acts as a form of activism.


Tenzing Yonten Sherpa (Fall semester only)

Tenzing Yonten Sherpa is a senior majoring in International Global Studies and Economics with a minor in Legal Studies. From Kathmandu, Nepal, Tenzing is studying at Brandeis as a Wien scholar, and is actively engaged in promoting forums for discussing international issues on campus. As a Tibetan refugee, he has always been passionate about international justice and human rights and seeks a career in this field in the near future. He has had experience on the ground interning for Sahara International Orphanage-Nepal and Heifer International. These organizations have exposed him to human rights violations during the Nepalese civil war and the various social injustices in developing nations. Tenzing now seeks to further pursue his passions through the ECLC, and would like to use this window of opportunity to expand his own outlook on international justice and human rights as well as that of the Brandeis undergraduate community.  He had decided to rejoin the ECLC because he would like to build upon the foundation the previous team had left during their pilot project and use his experience from the first term to enhance the work he shall do this term.

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