ECLC Members (Fall 2012)

Jordan Birnbaum ’13Jordan Birnbaum '13
Jordan Birnbaum is a senior working towards a double major in Politics and Economics with a minor in International and Global Studies.  She spent the last 8 months abroad studying in the Western Balkans.  While based in Belgrade, Serbia Jordan spent time conducting research for her honors thesis in Politics by studying perceptions of reconciliation among civil society actors and researchers in Belgrade and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  While she was interested in the Ethics Center before her trip abroad, her experiences in a post-conflict society brought up many questions that brought her to the Ethics Center Leadership Council.

Hailey Magee ’15

Hailey Magee '15

Hailey Magee is a sophomore majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and Politics and minoring in Social Justice and Social Policy. A raging feminist and gender equity advocate, Hailey joined the ECLC in hopes of highlighting women’s issues and projects both on and off of the Brandeis Campus. Hailey serves as Co-President of the Brandeis Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and is an intern at The Cambridge Women’s Center this semester. She also works as a blogger, a California-based organization which strives to promote healthy body image and media literacy among girls and young women. After college, Hailey hopes to pursue a career in social policy, lobbying for women’s issues on the political stage. In her spare time she loves to write music, and released her debut album, subtleties, this past summer.

Aditya Sanyal ’13Aditya Sanyal '13

Aditya Sanyal is a senior pursuing a B.S. in Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) and a B.S. in Biology. In the summer of 2011, Aditya completed a rural health internship in Venezuela with the student-led non-profit Pemón Health Inc. and gained a real-life understanding of poverty and medicine in a rural area. During the 3-month experience, he helped lead the construction of a rural pigsty and led workshops on reproductive health and contraceptives. He also surveyed villagers on local diets and wrote a report to address iron and vitamin A and B12 deficiency in the local indigenous population. On campus, Aditya has served as Executive Director of the Poverty Action Coalition and organized campus events such as a 24-hour fast in the Shapiro Campus Center to support victims of the Horn of Africa famine and an International Women’s Day dinner to fundraise for a women’s hospital and refugee camp in Somalia. He is excited to work with the ECLC to help expand his perspective on international human rights issues and enhance interactive conversations about global justice on campus.

Aziz Sohail ’13Aziz Sohail '13

Aziz Sohail is a senior at Brandeis (which he cannot believe!), hailing from Karachi, Pakistan. He is majoring in Art History, and throughout his career at Brandeis has been involved in a variety of social justice and art based activities a lot of which have intersected with the Ethics Center. Aziz has been on the Ethics Center Advisory Committee for 2 years, and was also on the steering committee of ‘Deis Impact. He has been also working with the American Islamic Congress, as Arts and Culture Program Assistant & Curator for 6 months, doing art programming around Muslim artists and culture, using culture as a means to build bridges. Aziz is excited to be involved with the Ethics Center in such an awesome capacity in his senior year, and link it to his different interests and passions, and also push for what he (and the Center) believe in!

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