ECLC Members (Fall 2014)

Brandon Gale ’15

Brandon Gale is a senior with majors in International and Global Studies (IGS) and Film Studies with minors in Legal Studies and Politics. He has recently returned from the Brandeis in The Hague Summer Program in the Netherlands where he studied international law, took courses at Leiden University, and interned at the International Centre for Counterterrorism (ICCT-The Hague). At Brandeis Brandon works at the Schuster Institute of Investigative Journalism, on the Justice Brandeis Law Project, an affiliate of the international Innocence Project, which fights for the overturning of wrongful convictions and reform of justice systems around the world. In the second semester of his sophomore year he attended the ‘DEIS Impact event “Life After Death Row” featuring Damien Echols, sponsored by the Schuster Institute, and developed an interest in the Ethics Center’s work because of the Center’s role organizing ‘DEIS Impact with the Student Union. Brandon was drawn to the dialogue promoted by the Ethical Inquiries and sought to be a part of it. He has joined the Ethics Center Leadership Council with a desire to promote the Center while learning more about it. Brandon is a travel addict, having visited 37 states and 24 countries on 5 continents. In his free time he enjoys watching classic movies, cooking, hiking, and going to concerts.

Kira Levin ’17 

Kira Levin is a sophomore planning to triple major in International and Global Studies, Sociology, and Anthropology. She is currently serving for a second year as Kindness Day Co-Coordinator at Brandeis. Kira is the Non-Senate chair for the Social Justice and Diversity Committee and sits on the Steering Committee for Diversity as well, helping to promote social justice initiatives for students, faculty and staff. In her first year at Brandeis, Kira was one of 10 students selected nationally for a fellowship with the United Nations Foundation’s “Nothing But Nets” campaign in partnership with the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism. She developed a committee to increase malaria education on the Brandeis campus and has generated funds to purchase malaria nets for Sub-Saharan Africa. Kira is looking forward to working with the Ethics Center, educating students about programs and resources originating from the Center, and collaborating with other ECLC members to increase awareness about the Center on campus and throughout the Waltham area.

Holly Rutledge ’16

Holly Rutledge is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Legal Studies and French. On campus, she spends her time working at the Rose Art Museum and drinking copious amounts of coffee. As the current vice-president of the Brandeis chapter of STAND: a Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, Holly is interested in staying informed about contemporary ethical considerations and organizing with others on campus to promote peaceful solutions and ways for individuals to take action to end conflict. Holly is excited to learn from the expertise of the Ethics Center on international affairs this fall, and is happy to be following that experience with the Brandeis in The Hague study abroad program in the spring. Holly was drawn to the Ethics Center Leadership Council as an opportunity to foster dialogue about some of the most pressing issues globally and the role we play as members of the Brandeis community. She cannot wait to work with the ECLC members and the Ethics Center to collaboratively promote social justice and learn from one another’s experiences.

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