On July 15, the Brandeis Summer Workshop in International Economics and Finance took place for the first time. It was jointly organized by the Department of Economics together with IBS and the Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance (organizers: Judith Dean and Raphael Schoenle).





Workshop participants, faculty and graduate students engaged in friendly and constructive discussion of:

“Dormant Shocks and Fiscal Virtue” (Francesco Bianchi, Duke University)

“Export Markets and Labor Reallocation in a Poor Country” (BrianMcCaig, Australian National University)

“Missing Import Price Changes and Low Exchange Rate Pass-Through” (Etienne Gagnon, Federal Reserve Bank, DC) and

“Global Versus Local Shocks in Micro Price Dynamics” (Philippe Andrade, Banque de France).

A link to the program is here.


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