Matlab Boot Camp

August 28, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Patrick Herb, an IBS PhD student, has written a beautiful webpage that introduces users to Matlab. Matlab is a high-level computer language that makes it easy to crunch numbers and create beautiful graphs.  More and more businesses and MBA programs are looking for students and managers who can dive into data and be technically conversant.  […]

In an opinion piece published by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard’s Kennedy School,  Professor Nader Habibi unpacks the possible motivations for the mixed signals from Moscow and Tehran regarding a proposed oil-for-goods deal between the two countries. Both countries, he argues, face domestic opposition to the deal but want to maintain […]

The August 2014 Newsletter for Majors and Minors has been posted.  Check it out.

Still looking for an upper-level elective? Have you thought about taking a 200-level masters or 300-level PhD course? You will need to obtain the professor’s permission to enroll, but if you have the necessary preparation, you might consider: Econ 235a Central Banking Seminar taught by Lynn Browne Econ 253a Asia: Center of World Economy taught […]

Currently the U.S. federal government owes over $17 trillion dollars to its creditors. That is a big number. It is roughly the size of annual U.S. GDP. If we as a nation want to reduce this debt as a share of our national output, we need to do some combination of the following three things: […]

Interested in developing your quantitative research skills? You know — the kind of skills that lead to a sexy job. Well then … check out Econ 194: Econometric Research Practicum. Econ 194a is a half-credit course that provides you the opportunity to write your own econometrics research paper on a topic of your choice. Students […]

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