Is Art a Good Investment? It depends says Professor Kathryn Graddy: Personally, I would not invest in art for profit alone.  But, though the monetary return can be lower than what you get from stocks, some would argue that art is more valuable, because it can be enjoyed from a cultural perspective. Owning art pays […]

Professor Nader Habibi has a new op-ed on the job market prospects for college graduates in the Middle East.  In the Middle East, government policies encourage many people to get a college degree.  However given other labor market regulations, the supply of college graduates far exceeds their demand.  Thus Professor Habibi argues: Many will join […]

Pablo Picasso’s 1955 painting Women of Algiers (Version “O”) recently sold for an eye-popping $180 million.  What was Professor Graddy‘s take? “I don’t think you should be investing in art purely for investment purposes,” said Kathryn Graddy, an economist at Brandeis University. “You’ve got to like art.” See the Washington Post article on the sale. […]

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