Must one suffer in order to create great art? We have this romantic notion of the tortured artist.  Indeed, it is often claimed that the suicide of Pablo Picasso’s good friend Carlos Casagemas led the artist into one of his most productive eras of his career, the famed Blue Period. But does suffering really inspire creativity? […]

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at historic lows for nearly seven years.  But as last week’s rate increase signals — eventually rates will return to their long-term averages. That means both policymakers and the public will once again be asking one of the classic questions in monetary economics: What are the impacts of […]

In today’s New York Times, Professor Greg Mankiw of Harvard notes: Today’s economy leaves little doubt about the value of college. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 the median worker with a bachelor’s degree (and no advanced degree) earned $69,260, compared with $34,540 for the median worker with only a high school […]

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