Emily Hong (’18) is one of our Undergraduate Department Representatives (UDRs) and will be graduating later this month. Econ 69a, Economics of Race and Gender, taught this fall by Econ Department Chair Professor Elizabeth Brainerd, was one of Emily’s favorite Econ classes in her last semester of her undergraduate career. Read more about Emily’s experience here and join us in congratulating her on her upcoming graduation!

The greatest benefit in learning economics is learning to develop tools and analytical thinking skills that can be applied to almost any topic. One of my favorite classes this semester was Economics of Race and Gender because we learned about sources and drivers of discrimination. It is common knowledge that women’s role in the workforce has changed greatly over time, but in this class we dug deeper behind generalizations like, “attitudes towards women have improved, so that is why progress has happened.” I loved learning how to break down the social, economic, and political changes behind trends.

I’m so glad that I was able to take this class before I graduated, because it gave me a new perspective on so many different everyday things, from education to birth control, that I would’ve never thought about. At Brandeis, we have the opportunity to pick interesting classes that fall outside our majors or crossover with other areas – and I would encourage people to do that, because this is one class that wasn’t required but that I gained so much from!

-Emily Hong (’18)


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